Saturday, 16 July 2011

Lambeth Council Housing Official squatting in a flat

Lambeth housing officer Venetia Bailey and Ernest Henderson, also a former Lambeth employee - are using their legal expertise and knowledge of squatting laws to drag out the case.

Ms Koningen, who is in her thirties, let out the Victorian flat in Angles Road in September. The tenants were supposed to be paying £1,130 a month in rent direct to her after finding the property through agency Townends.

Ms Koningen served the couple an eviction notice in January over the alleged rents arrears and damage. She now intends to pursue the case through the courts. She has also set up a website detailing the dispute, at

My comment: Not a good advert for Lambeth Council is it. Employing squatters as housing officials, bit of a joke really.

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UPDATE 25th July 2011: Council worker 'stripped my house while squatting in it'

A landlady who has spent seven months fighting two people squatting at her home says they have finally moved out - but that her belongings have gone too.

Naomi Koningen had to sleep on friends' sofas after Lambeth council housing officer Venetia Bailey and Ernest Henderson refused to let her back into her Streatham home.

She claims they owe her £6,000 in unpaid rent and smashed windows, changed locks, and sprayed paint on walls, as well as leaving bills unpaid. They moved out last week - but Ms Koningen claims that she then discovered they had cleared her home of everything in sight.

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