Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hampshire County Council: £7.25m payout to managers

Hampshire County Council is forking out £7.25m in redundancy payouts to senior managers, it has emerged.

Christine Melsom, Hampshire-based founder of anti-council tax group IsItFair, said: “The county council’s enhanced voluntary redundancy scheme is extraordinarily generous, especially when one considers it is financed by the public purse.

Hampshire County Council’s compulsory scheme offers seven times the statutory payout.

My comment: Two points, firstly they can't have been really needed otherwise they wouldn't have been able to get rid of them. Why do they fill councils to the gunnels with none management jobs in the first place other than to give the CEO a larger empire. Don't taxpayers deserve lean councils all the time. Secondly, why such enhanced terms?

Read the full story from the source Romsey Advertiser

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