Monday, 18 July 2011

The Hacking Scandal: Other Police forces were at it

In less than 24 hours, the Met has lost two of its most senior officers. First to go was the commissioner himself, Sir Paul Stephenson. Next up, despite starting the day resolutely determined to hang on, was John Yates, the head of counter-terrorism.

In the two weeks since it emerged that Milly Dowler's mobile was hacked, the almost relentless pressure has turned a terrible affair into potentially the biggest scandal to engulf the Metropolitan Police in decades.

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My comment: Whilst most people are now concentrating on the Met and Government, I think we should also look other Police forces because it looks like it wasn't just the Met Police that have been selling data/colluding with others. 

Devon and Cornwall police linked to phone hacking and data selling scandal.

Read the full story from the source This is Plymouth

Association of Police Authorities: "Chris Bryant MP calls for inquiry into Surrey police and their alleged collusion with the News of the World in the Dowler case."

Read the full story from the source Chartered Institute of Journalists

Merseyside Police breached strict data protection laws 208 times

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More Police forces will be added to the list as they come to my attention.

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