Saturday, 16 July 2011

Angus Council Leader compares FOI to phone hacking

In a quite extraordinary rant, Bob Myles, Leader of Angus Council, has complained bitterly about people wanting to know how much their elected members spend on travel, corporate jollies and gifts – paid for on council credit cards.

While members of the public are as entitled as anyone to lodge requests under Freedom of Information legislation – and do – for some reason Mr Myles’ ire is focused on journalists.

He predicts that some newspaper reporters, whom he sees as now deprived of the practic of phone hacking, will turn to an even greater use of FOI to generate ‘sensationalist stories’

My comment: I can't put it better than the reporter who states: "..the paymasters [taxpayers] have woken up, got smart, are online, are informed up to the minute and are no longer accepting without question whatever tunes the pipers play to sedate them. They are getting stuck into compiling their own repertoires of tunes they want to hear – and stirring music it is."

I think the council leader has shot is council in the foot and now expect an avalanche of FOI about council expenses. May I suggest member's budgets if anyone is interested! 

Submit your FOI request to Angus Council on-line now.

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