Saturday, 2 July 2011

Accrington Council orders politicians to put questions in writing

A town hall’s local politicians have been ordered to stay silent - because every time they open their mouths their arguments end up in court.

One in five local councillors have turned to lawyers to settle their rows in just two years in Accrington, the leader of the local council said yesterday.

New rules will insist the civic representatives of the Lancashire town put their questions in writing to try to curb the vigour of their language and keep their vendettas out of the council chamber.

The new rules will require councillors to submit points in writing rather than putting them in person when Mr Parkinson takes questions. Mr Parkinson said the idea was to stop abuse and not to make it easier for him to deal with difficult questions.

My comment: Pull the other one Mr Parkinson! If the chair can't control your council meetings get a new chair. What is this country coming to? We have councils trying to stop councillors talking to the press and now a council trying to stop councillors debating issues with councillors. 

Read the full story from the Mail on Line. With thanks to Malice in Blunderland for the tip off.

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