Monday, 13 June 2011

The woman in charge of our Care Quality Commission must quit

Cynthia Bower gets paid £200,000 a year to make sure that the sick and vulnerable are properly looked after and treated with dignity and respect.

As the boss of the Care Quality Commission since 2008, she’s responsible for standards in our hospitals, and care homes.

If Cynthia Bower were running a branch of Marks & Spencer, she would have been sacked weeks ago. If she had been dishing out the teas in my village hall, they’d have politely asked her to do the flowers instead.

Day after day, we read of Dickensian conditions in hospitals and care homes, many of which went on for years and probably still exist today.

Ms Bowers is supposed to run a team of highly skilled inspectors monitoring standards and implementing improvements. Her salary alone would feed dozens of care home residents for years. How can a body set up to police failings in the system be so utterly incompetent?

My comment: I know! It's because practically all watchdogs and ombudsmen are recruited from the ranks of the incompetent bodies they are supposed to be watching. Essentially proving the old adage that you don't sack an incompetent public servant you promote them. This scandal has been going on for years and it's about time someone in government connected the dots. Just check out the background of every watchdog and ombudsman if you don't believe me. Here's Cynthia Bower's to start with. Then do the same for all other watchdogs and ombudsmen!

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