Friday, 10 June 2011

Wokingham becomes first council to privatise social care

Wokingham borough has become the first unitary authority in the country to set up a company to manage its provision of social care.

Optalis, a new adult social care company set up and managed by Wokingham Borough Council, began commercial operations on Monday. The team behind the company has taken control of all council-run or commissioned adult care services.

The company is now the third council-owned company in the borough, with Wokingham Enterprises Ltd managing the regeneration of the town centre and another, yet to be named, to manage affordable housing in the borough.

My comment: Most councils can't even run a council properly, or in Brent's case even contract services properly, so I have grave doubts that a council can run a business properly. However, now the have hived of some of their services will the council senior management numbers be reduced?

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