Sunday, 12 June 2011

Wirral Council may do a South Tyneside Council re Twitter

A Twitter imposter has taken on the identity of Wirral Council leader Steve Foulkes and set up a social network page claiming to post his views.

Councillor Foulkes has warned that action could be taken against the person responsible for Twitter account ‘Foulkes World’ – if it is found to be politically motivated.

The page surfaced on the popular micro-blogging website shortly after the local elections with a Tweet saying: “It's D-3 today in Wirral. Yes, peasants, that means just three days until I am rightfully reinstated as Leader of this Borough. My Borough!”

Although the page makes clear it is a fake, by saying “He’s not on twitter, but if he was...” Cllr Foulkes is keen to assure Wirral residents that he has no part in it.

"If any legislation does come into action and we find out that it is politically driven, we take it further.”

My Comment: Here is the spoof site for anyone who is interested. Welcome to the Streisand effect Councillor Foulkes.

Readers may be interested to know that Wirral Council recently offered a whistle blower their job back after they had hounded him out for exposing council wrongdoing. The kind of council wrongdoing that Councillor's shouldn't have let happen in the first place. I think Wirral Councillors should thank their lucky stars they only have the odd spoof twitterer to worry about and not the inside of a courtroom for what they did to the disabled people of their area.

Extract from a Wirral Globe reader's comment:  "Prosecuted for what ? Was Foulkes prosecuted for overseeing a corrupt administration which screwed over disabled adults to the tune of a quarter million quid...nope...yet he's getting his knickers in a twist over a spoof twitter account."

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