Friday, 24 June 2011

Welsh men questioned under anti-terror laws for taking a photo of a Wetherspoon pub

Neil Kitchen said officers ruined his family day out in Gloucester by banning them from taking pictures of city buildings. They were stopped by police and questioned for taking pictures of the old Regal Cinema building, now Wetherspoons, in Kings Square.

The  Wetherspoons in question (An old Art Deco building, previously the Regal Cinema)
A spokesman for Gloucestershire police confirmed the men were stopped after police noticed them taking photos. "Because this seemed slightly unusual he politely asked the men what they were doing and if he could see the photos to verify what they were saying, which they agreed to."

My comment: Anti terror laws invoked for taking a photograph of a Wetherspoons! I would like to know why are the Police so determined to make themselves look like idiots who don't even know the law. Will someone please tell the Police that it is not illegal or even suspicious to take photographs in a public place and that it's not illegal to take a video of a council meeting.

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