Monday, 6 June 2011

A website for whistleblowers?

Why don't our government set up a national website for whistleblowers?

The recent care home scandal proves once and for all that our watchdogs are not fit for purpose and the government needs to find an effective alternative.

If we had a national whistleblowers website the problems at the care home would have been exposed during October 2010 and the victims would not have had to suffer for an extra 8 months.

Neither do we have to limit a whistleblowers website to care homes, all taxpayer funded institutions and individuals could, and should, be included.

Whilst such a system could be open to abuse surely a system could be devloped to filter out vexatious or personal vendetta submissions.

People are getting fed up of watchdogs and ombudsmen ignoring or rejecting their complaints and if the government don't find an alternative very soon I am sure someone will, as they have done in India, set up such a website and leave the government on the sidelines.

The government has a petitions website so why not a whistleblowers website?

In addition, I am sure it wouldn't be long before trends emerged allowing the government  to identify problem taxpayer funded institutions that were regualary causing problems.

The Internet, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Forums have proven that if the government doesn't take the lead and resolve problems such as superinjuctions, councillors using tax payers money to sue people for libel, failing watchdogs & ombudsmen, elected representatives abusing expenses etc. then the public will carry on exposing the problems.

As the article about bribery in India states, "Solving the problem of bribery in India is not going to happen overnight. But shows that ordinary people can be turned from the victims of corruption into part of the solution."

Therefore, why can't this government set up a website to allow the victims of taxpayer funded institutions and individuals to be part of the solution.

Or is the governments big society statement "We want society – the families, networks, neighbourhoods and communities that form the fabric of so much of our everyday lives – to be bigger and stronger than ever before. Only when people and communities are given more power and take more responsibility can we achieve fairness and opportunity for all." just all talk?

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