Friday, 24 June 2011

Tower Hamlets East End Life costs a cool £1.5 million a year.

Tower Hamlets’ ‘East End Life’ is a taxpayer-funded propaganda ‘pravda’ newspaper which will now become weekly, be redesigned, and have a website, despite the ‘Code of Conduct’ calling for such newspapers to be scrapped.

Takki Sulaiman, the Director of Communications at Tower Hamlets who receives a hefty salary of £100,000 per year, conducted the review of the newspaper’s future, which makes up the bulk of his portfolio, and decided against abolition.

The consultation process involved a grand total of 624 people – out of the 87,000 households which receive the newspaper – who decided to respond.

With this 0.7% self-selected response rate Takki Sulaiman announced he had 51% of local people’s support.

My comment: Turkeys don't vote for Christmas and neither would they organise a consultation/survey that disagreed with them. In addition, I am sure quite a few people would like a council propaganda newspaper to line their cat litter tray.

I smell a manipulated consultation/survey and was was considering a freedom of information request but someone has beaten me to it.

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