Sunday, 19 June 2011

Test Valley Borough Council ban banners

Promotional banners advertising Armed Forces Day celebrations in Andover, Hants has been banned after concerns they were 'glorifying the war in Afghanistan'.

Test Valley Borough Council have removed five adverts situated by roundabouts after just five people complained.

The £400 banners were erected by the Royal British Legion, but following a branch meeting in the county, they were told to remove them.

Armed Forces day is on 25 June and each year the event pays homage to individuals who have served in the armed forces.

Local communities are encouraged to hold their own party or attend events across the country. 

My comment: Shame on ALL Test Valley Councillors for allowing this to happen. Residents should rise up and put a stop to this madness. My FOI about the decision.

Read the full story from the source Mail on Line

UPDATE 19th June 2011: Other newspapers suggest that the leader of the council supported the removal because they could have distracted motorists.

My comment: If that is the case why do most councils allow companies to sponsor roundabouts an place adverts on them? Therefore, the reason is more likely to do with the fact that money didn't change hands, in one way or another.

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