Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sunderland City Council: Yet another Social Services failure

Social services repeatedly ignored pleas to put a boy of 11 into care before he raped a disabled child.

They had been urged to take immediate action in a second letter from a children’s psychiatrist only 13 days before the sickening attack.

Despite the warnings, social workers chose to do nothing and instead the disturbed youngster, now 13, was free to rape his defenceless nine-year-old male victim.

A damning report published yesterday condemned the horrifying catalogue of failings and concluded that the attack was preventable.

The serious case review found that Sunderland City Council had ‘consistently failed’ in its duties and had paid little, or no attention, to the repeated warnings about so-called Child X. It said: ‘The lessons to be drawn are significant and extensive.

Chairman Jan Van Wagtendonk [Sunderland Safeguarding Children Board] said: ‘We are determined that the lessons from this serious case review are learnt and put into practice to ensure the safeguarding and welfare of children across the city.’ 

My comment: Just what is the point of a Safeguarding Children Board that  doesn't safeguard children? In addition, doesn't it just make you sick when you hear leaders of failing bodies trot out the same old mantra 'lessons will be learnt' when we all know they they never are. Are Sunderland Safeguarding Children Board so insular that they never learnt any lessons from the Haringey, Birmingham, Leicestershire, Salford and other council Social Service failures? Obviously not.

[Ofsted 2008: In her first interview since the verdict on Baby P was returned, Gilbert admits for the first time to failings in Ofsted's oversight of Haringey council, acknowledging that officials in the local authority where Baby P died were able to "hide behind" data last year to earn themselves a good rating from inspectors just weeks after his death. Gilbert offers no guarantee that there won't be another Baby P. But she promises his death will prove a catalyst for change across the system.]  

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