Friday, 10 June 2011

Suffolk: County council staff takes 175 trips abroad - at a cost of £98,000

THOUSANDS of pounds have been spent on sending council employees abroad, as new data reveals the far flung places they have travelled to.

The figures, which was released by Suffolk County Council following a Freedom of Information request by The Evening Star, shows that county council employees have embarked upon a total of 175 trips abroad to 28 countries since the beginning of January 2005.  In total, trips to foreign destinations since 2005 have cost a total of £97,994.

Two town MP’s have urged Suffolk County Council to “get a grip” on their finances, deeming the latest figures as another example of “frivolous” spending.

Dr Daniel Poulter, MP for North Ipswich and Central Ipswich told the Evening Star that he believed that the spending was only justified if employees were learning and the county was benefiting. “I would be concerted that there is a prevailing attitude at Suffolk County Council that must come from examples of Andrea Hill and her stays at locations such as Sandbanks.

We must get a grip on the funding of these trips because it appears Suffolk County Council have lost grip on reality."

My comment: Can't beat 'Suffolk County Council have lost grip on reality'.

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