Sunday, 5 June 2011

Police probe theft of a packet of chewing gum

War was raging in Afghanistan at the time and the Arab Spring was looming – but Foreign Office staff still managed to call in police over the theft of a packet of chewing gum. The theft is just one in a spate of petty crimes at the Foreign Office detailed in a new dossier.

Other items that have disappeared include grapes, hair straighteners, a £7 tub of Vaseline, a ‘novelty rubber’ and two jars of chilli sauce.

The might of the Metropolitan Police was not enlisted for the latter, due to what officials described as ‘the unlikelihood of retrieval’.

But there was astonishment at Westminster that the theft of a packet of chewing gum and a £10 note last August resulted in a call to the Yard.

Scotland Yard sources confirmed they had been called in to solve the crime but indicated that no arrests had yet been made.

My comment: Whilst the police ignore more serious crimes they find the time to deal with nonesense like this. More examples on this blog 1 2 3 4

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