Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Plans to strip tenants of complaint right

Shelter, TPAS and 24housing magazine are the latest names to throw their weight behind a National Housing Federation (NHF) campaign to remove a clause in the Localism Bill that will see tenants having to go through councillors, MPs or tenant panels to make a complaint to the housing ombudsman.

The move - which would strip tenants of their right to complain directly to the ombudsman - forms part of the Government's wider housing reform that will see the regulator placed inside the Homes and Communities Agency from April 2012.

The Government believes the move represents the best way to ensure disputes are resolved locally and that the ombudsman focuses on cases where effective local resolution is not possible.

My comment: What a load of rubbish. They removed the filter from the Local Government Ombudsman long ago and even the Parliamentary Ombudsman lobbies for the filter to be removed. Whilst I am no fan of Ombudsmen there should be NO barrier to complaints and no barrier to people elevating their complaint to an Ombudsman. I for one would like to know who came up with such an idiotic idea.

Read the full story from the source 24 Dash 

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