Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mr Offord MP: Barking mad?

A Tory MP is invoking human rights laws to overturn a ban on taking his dog to work at Westminster.

Matthew Offord is taking the extraordinary action after officials told him he cannot bring his pet Max into his Commons office.

Mr Offord, who has been given a one-week ultimatum to leave the six-month-old Jack Russell at home, said: 'This is a ridiculous rule. Max doesn't do anyone any harm. He doesn't bark, my staff have no complaints and he's great for taking the stress out of the day.

'If they try to push this, I will invoke the Human Rights Act because they're breaching my right to a private, family life.'

My comment: I think Max has an idiot as an owner and his constituents have an idiot as an MP! Only an MP would consider work as part of a private family life? 

Read the ful stroy from the source Mail on Line

UPDATE 20th June 2011: Matthew Offord Tweeted - Grateful for all the messages about Max - and those who think I would invoke the HRA - you need a lie down in a darkened room.

My comment: Note how quickly he switched to damage limitation mode when  caught talking rubbish. Another U turn? :)

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