Friday, 17 June 2011

More council waste, more LGA spin

EVERY household in the country could get a £450 tax rebate if councils stopped wasting £10billion a year, ministers were told last night. Town halls are failing to shop around to get the best price for basic goods and services, a report revealed.

Experts found potential savings that would allow £450 to be slashed from every council tax bill and could be made easily, simply by following tried-and-tested business practices.

They found shocking needless spending on energy, mobile phones and legal services. Whitehall aides estimated the wasted money was enough to pay the wages of 500,000 refuse collectors – which could alone reduce the need to move to the hated fortnightly or monthly bin collections.

The overall £10billion savings also dwarf the £2.6billion cut in town hall funding from the Government this year.

Baroness Eaton, chairman of the Local Government Association, said:..Savings measures can take time to implement and the cuts were demanded so swiftly that many councils could not avoid an impact on frontline services, she said.

My comment: Baroness of the Local Government spin machine has shot herself in the foot by arguing that local government only need to spend wisely in an economic downturn and when they are told to. Baroness, wake up! Councils shouldn't wait until they are told before spending taxpayer's money wisely!

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