Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Inverness councillor "failed to declare his earnings"

LAST UPDATE 15th February 2012

A DEPARTMENT of Work and Pensions fraud investigator has told a court a city councillor failed to declare his earnings from Highland Council and also received advice from a building society how best to invest £25,000 when he was in receipt of income support and council tax benefit.

Anne Davidson (55) was giving evidence on the 5th day of the trial of John Holden who is facing charges of fraudulently claiming £43,000 in income support and council tax relief.

Mrs Davidson said it’s the responsibility of anyone in receipt of benefits to inform the authorities of a change in their circumstances.

Mrs Davidson revealed that from May 3, 2007 Holden was earning upwards of £1,100 a month as a Highland councillor and none of that was declared between then and August 2008.

A letter from Alliance and Leicester dated April 12, 2007 also revealed Holden had been given a financial review on that date and he had agreed to put £25,000 into medium to long term investments. The letter acknowledged that £25,000 was affordable because Holden had capital of £38,000 at that time.

The trial continues.

My comment: Talk about milking the system.

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UPDATE 15th July 2011: John Holden, 63, was found guilty after a 13-day trial at Inverness Sheriff Court. He now faces losing his job on Highland Council, who he defrauded, if he is jailed.

Sheriff Abercrombie told Holden: "My overall assessment is that the Crown has established the case against you beyond reasonable doubt."

He deferred sentence until August 11 for background reports and placed Holden on bail.

My comment: "He now faces losing his job on Highland Council, who he defrauded, if he is jailed." WTF? So he can keep his job on the Highland Council, even though he defrauded them, as long as he isn't jailed.

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UPDATED 12th August 2011: A Highland councillor has been jailed for 12 months after a £43,000 benefits fraud.

He will now lose his job on Highland Council, who he was convicted of embezzling the money from. He has also been suspended from the Labour party following the conviction.

My comment: Don't you just love "he will now lose his job".

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Sheriff Abercrombie told him: "You are not an honest man. You have deliberately and repeatedly lied over a number of years.

My comment: A typical councillor then! 

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UPDATE 16th August 2011:  Jailed councillor makes new bid for freedom.

Disgraced councillor John Holden will make a fresh bid for freedom when he appears at the High Court in Edinburgh tomorrow.

Holden (62), of Teal Avenue, was jailed last week for 12 months after being convicted of a £43,000 benefits fraud.

Following the sentencing, he made a last-minute request for bail pending an appeal but it was rejected.

At tomorrow’s hearing, Holden will make another request to be released on bail. He has stated he intends to appeal both his sentence and conviction.

My comment: He's certainly got the money to try every legal trick in the book.

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UPDATE 5th September 2011: Council in court bid to get Holden fraud cash back.

A FORMER Inverness councillor is now facing a civil action to repay money he obtained by fraud from Highland Council and the Department of Work and Pensions.

Holden is currently serving a jail term of one year having been found guilty of obtaining council tax benefits, single person occupancy allowance and income support totalling over £43,000 to which he wasn’t entitled.

My comment: Failing to declare earnings of £1,200 per month when he was elected as a councillor in 2007 means he has never been fit to be a councillor.  

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UPDATE 8th September 2011:  Disgraced Highland councillor John Holden sent to Barlinnie.

He was locked up in Inverness's Porterfield Prison. But it is understood that because of overcrowding issues there, he has now been transferred to the notorious Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow.

And, in a bad week for Holden, he has also officially been booted off the council and is also now being pursued through the courts for the benefits cash he illegally obtained.

My comment: At last he gets what he deserves. 

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UPDATE 15th February 2012:  Judges throw out disgraced ex-councillor John Holden's appeal bid.

DISGRACED former Inverness councillor John Holden has had his bid for an appeal against his conviction and sentence for fraud thrown out by three High Court judges.

It is a ruling which appears to slam the door shut on any further legal moves through the Scottish courts to have his guilty verdict and jail term overturned.

But this week the ex-member member of Highland Council for Inverness South declared he now plans to take his fight to the Criminal Case Review Commission in an effort to have the case re-opened.

My comment: I just hope it's costing him more than he fiddled.

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