Sunday, 12 June 2011

Havering Council are they still baaaaaaa..rking mad?

Council bosses have spent £10,000 in a bid to establish who baaed like a sheep during a planning meeting.

Havering council, based at Romford, Essex, has forked out the sum over the last 12 months on a 300-page report into the bizarre incident. But the chief suspect is no longer a councillor and therefore cannot be punished.

A council insider said today: "This is absolute madness. We've wasted a load of money and a lot of time on a councillor who baaed like a sheep - and we've got absolutely nowhere."

My comment: [An old Mail article] But a good one that proves that many of our councillors are baaaa...rking mad, however, in Carmarthenshire the Police would have been called in to look for the culprit :) The two cases illustrate that over the years our councillors have not improved and are still willing waste taxpayer's money to get their way. The only upside for the taxpayer is that the councillors involved make themselves look like prats at the same time.

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