Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Great Ormond St finally says sorry to Baby P whistleblower

Great Ormond Street has apologised to a doctor suspended after raising concerns over the clinic where Baby P was seen days before his death.

This is the first time the world-leading children's hospital has issued a formal apology to whistleblower Kim Holt over her treatment.

Ms Holt warned in 2006 of "serious failings" at the St Ann's clinic which sent Peter Connelly home suffering from a broken back suffered during months of abuse.

She was one of four paediatricians who said doctors at the Haringey clinic, which was run by Great Ormond Street, were seriously overworked and a child would die unless action was taken.

Last week, Ms Featherstone called on Dr Jane Collins, the chief executive of Great Ormond Street, to resign for "covering up" failings in the Baby P case.

My comment: Why are the government not protecting whistleblowers and rooting out these corrupt executives. There is also another recent case in which a whistleblower was eventually vindicated. Note that the wistleblowers suffer the injustice whilst those responsible for the problem in the first place and those attempting to cover things up (usually one and the same person) get away scot free. 

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