Thursday, 9 June 2011

Filming Council meeting sparked blogger's arrest

A LOCAL blogger has been arrested after she tried to film a Carmarthenshire Council meeting from the public gallery.

Jacqui Thompson, 49, who runs the Carmarthenshire Planning Problems blog, refused to leave the chamber when she was spotted with a camera. She is also a community councillor in Llanwrda and has previously been reprimanded over similar incidents.

In yesterday's meeting, chief executive Mark James said: "Mrs Thompson, you have been asked time and time again not to film."

Mrs Thompson replied she was doing nothing wrong, but the meeting was suspended and four officers led Mrs Thompson away in handcuffs. She was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace but released without further action.

The council's no-filming policy snubs new Westminster transparency guidelines. These urge authorities to encourage "citizen journalists" who want to use new media to record meetings. 

My comment: Once again we have the Police doing the bidding of a Council/Councillor whilst they refuse to get involved with many serious crimes reported by the public. 

Three Carmarthenshire Councillors, Cllr Alan P Cooper, Cllr David B Davies and Cllr Gwyn Hopkins are members of the Dyfed & Powys Police Authority did this influence the Police's decision to arrest Jacqui Thompson?

For there must be a reason why our Police suck up to councils/elected representatives but if my suspicions are wrong I would appreciate someone giving me a better expiation. More examples of what I mean 1 2 3 4 5

Now contrast the above with how the Police ignore more serious crime when a members of the public attempt to report them 1 2 3 4 5

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