Thursday, 9 June 2011

Fears over patient data as NHS computers are hacked

Computer hackers have penetrated NHS systems, triggering fears that the security of highly sensitive patient records is at risk.

The hackers are part of the same online gang that recently hacked into electronics giant Sony, accessing the images of a million users.

MP Richard Bacon, a member of the Public Accounts Committee, said: 'This highlights a very serious problem which the NHS and Department of Health seem to have downplayed.

My comment: Good job they warned the NHS what they had done so they could take steps to improve their security. 

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  1. This really is them trying to show people how unsecure these systems are that they have spent millions on. Hacking these is about the challange that some big fatcat at the top of a software co lays down when they say there system is secure.

    rumor has it that a much more significant gov system has been owned.