Saturday, 4 June 2011

Fat Cat Council Chief Exective Officers

A FRESH row over public-sector pay erupted last night after it was revealed that Britain’s best-paid council boss rakes in £110,000 more than the Prime Minister.

David McNulty, chief executive of Surrey County Council, pockets a mammoth £253,133-a-year – 10 times more than the average UK worker.

Since the former top earner, Wandsworth council boss Gerald Jones, left his £299,925-a-year job last year, Mr McNulty is believed to have replaced him as the highest- paid council employee in the UK.

The second-highest earner, Joe Duckworth, of Newham Borough Council in east London, also quit his £241,483-a-year job last year, leaving the next highest earner as Joanna Killian, of Essex County Council, on £237,000. Tory-run Surrey Council is set to lose 650 jobs over the next four years in a bid to save £200million.

A spokeswoman for Surrey County Council defended Mr McNulty’s salary, saying: “With expenditure of over £1.8billion a year and some 26,000 staff, the size of the organisation approaches comparisons with FTSE 100 companies. It is therefore critical that Surrey council employs a chief executive with the vision and skills to lead the organisation.”

My comment: What a moron, how an earth can you compare a private company which has to create their own income to survive with a council that does no more than spend other peoples money badly.

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Download the Town Hall Rich List and check out your own Council's fat cats.


  1. Barnet Council isn't far behind. The Deputy, yes the Deputy, Chief Executive gets £1,000 a day and he doesn't even pay PAYE ! Outrageous

  2. Not forgeting the now famous Andrea Hill Suffolk County Council Salary £218,592; Employers Pension Contributions
    £49,183 Total cost to taxpayers £267,775 + Perks a year.

  3. And remember the CEos are only the top run.

    at my council these quite a few on over 100,000 without looking at the perks, and quite a few just undder 100,000

  4. 13 staff in my council are on over £100,000