Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Councils waste cash on premium phone calls

Cash-strapped councils needlessly wasted thousands of pounds in taxpayers’ money dialling the Speaking Clock and directory inquiry services last year, the Western Morning News has learned.

Local authorities across Devon and Cornwall also frittered away four-figure sums telephoning premium rate numbers from land lines and council mobiles, despite local government being faced with unprecedented austerity.Notable spends include Cornwall Council’s £3,724.75 annual bill for telephone calls to directory inquiry servicessuch as BT’s 118 500, while Plymouth City Council paid £444.19 calling the Speaking Clock – the council said it was caused by a fault.

In total, the 11 biggest local authorities in Devon and Cornwall splashed out a combined total of £11,756.38 on the two services – which charge to provide information available elsewhere for free.on the internet, a computer desktop or the telephone directory.

My comment: It's only taxpayer's money.

Read the full story from the source This is Cornwall

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