Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Councillor Robert Payne says he needs allowance to repay ill gotten gains

A Bradford councillor sentenced to a suspended prison term for business fraud says he will not step down from the Council.

A judge told former Conservative Robert Payne, who now sits as an Independent, he was “clearly not fit” to run his accountancy firm and had breached the trust of a client.

Payne, who has represented Keighley West since May 2008, lost control of the running of his business and failed to pass on a £3,587 tax refund to a client.

After the case, Payne initially told the Telegraph & Argus he was stepping down from the Council, but it later emerged that he needed the £13,000-a-year allowance in order to pay back Mr Gill, and he therefore would not be resigning.

My comment: I hope the electorate vote this idiot out at the next election. Why an earth should taxpayer's fund re-payment of his ill gotten gains. 

Read the full story from the source Telegraph & Argus 

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