Thursday, 2 June 2011

Could you be a whistleblower?

The Guardian has started to collect stories about abuse in the NHS and Social care. You can add you story or comments in-line if you witnessed a risk, malpractice or wrongdoing in the NHS or in social care - it could be something which adversely affects patients, the public, other staff or the organisation itself - take a few seconds to answer a few simple questions so we can build up a picture of what's really happening in health and social care today.

Abuse in the NHS and social care: tell us your stories.

To take part in the Guardian NHS and social care whistleblowers' audit click here.

My comment: Whilst a good idea it is somewhat reactive and limited. Probably because the press are more interested in finding a good story rather than solving the real problem.

We need a way in which whistleblowers can report their concerns and a body that will take them seriously and actually do something about it before the situation gets out of hand. Don't forget the Care Quality Commission ignored this problem for six months!!

In addition why limit this to the NHS and social care? There are many stories spread over the web about people's concerns over public bodies that have been ignored. Most watchdogs and Ombudsmen ignore or bury the majority of complaints submitted to them. What we need is a way of circumventing our incompetent watchdogs and ombudsmen and collating all concerns on a national data base which would allow government to identify problems and authorities who continually fail and take steps to resolve the problem before we have another Baby P or Winterbourne View.

A national, publicly viewable database for whistleblowers, now that would be a government making good use of the internet. The public would no longer need to rely on discredited watchdogs and ombudsmen. They could see what the problems are and were they are occurring on a national data base and take steps to protect themselves and their families long before someone in authority or a not fit for purpose watchdog or ombudsman decides to get of their backsides and do something about it. 

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