Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cornwall Council spending investigation

Cornwall councillors have suggested shrinking the size of its elected body – days after the latest investigation into County Hall spending revealed that officers charged nearly £9 million worth of payments to corporate account cards in the last three years.

The cash-strapped unitary authority has 123 members – twice the size of the Welsh Assembly, despite having far less power and covering a fraction of the geographic area. The authority's allowances bill is expected to hit nearly £1.5 million this year.

Council expenditure was further thrust under the microscope on Monday, when the Western Morning News published detailed figures highlighting council spending, including thousands of pounds lavished on hotel stays, airline travel and toys.

Jude Robinson, Labour's only representative on the council, said: "There are some councillors who are freeloading on the taxpayer. Some, by no means all, have a very low attendance record – perhaps because they did not expect to get elected in the first place.

My comment: There are some councillors who are freeloading on the taxpayer in most councils.

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