Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Consultant at Tameside Hospital sued by surgeon over ‘libellous’ emails

A senior consultant at a troubled hospital has launched libel proceedings against a colleague and the NHS trust that employs them.

My comment: Together with South Tyneside V Mr Monkey and Durand School V Lambeth Council that's three libel cases the taxpayer may end up having to pay for.

When will our government amend libel law and get a grip of the injunction/super injunction fiasco. How long will it be before we identify a public authority that has used a super injunction to stop the public finding out that they have used our stupid libel laws to stifle criticism of the service they provide. Again all at the taxpayer's expense.

Quote from the author of the article about Durand V Lambeth, "The case of Durand Academy raises serious questions both about the chilling effect of UK libel law, and the creeping encroachment of the “reputation management” industry into public life." [my emphasis]

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