Monday, 6 June 2011

Colchester Borough Council: What the ........

Frail pensioner paid council to remove old TV... and was ordered to drag it outside herself so workmen didn't injure themselves.

Council jobsworths refused to help a frail pensioner dispose of her television, saying they would break health and safety rules if they carried it from her house.

Charlotte Cubitt, 85, from Colchester, Essex, decided to get rid of her old television and was ready to pay an £11 charge to have the council collect it because it was far too heavy for her to take to the dump.

But she was shocked when she was told that if she wanted the TV to be collected she would have to drag it to the kerbside herself because of health and safety concerns for council workers.

She said: 'They told me I would have to put the TV outside my house because health and safety concerns prevented the men from carrying it out of the house.

My comment: Beyond belief! I think I may have to start an award scheme for Councils who behave like this. Just got to think of an appropriate name, feel free to leave a suggestion as a comment.
Read the full story from the source Mail on Line

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