Wednesday, 29 June 2011

'Bullying' police get 13-year-old boy out of bed at 11pm for throwing an apple

When schoolboy Charlie Lindoe hurled an apple at a classmate, probably the worst he expected was a stern telling off.

But instead 'bullying' police sent two constables round to the 13-year-old's house after 11pm and hauled him out of bed to grill him about the 'assault'.

The officers made the boy sign a good behaviour agreement promising not to throw apples again, his father said.

The victim's parents complained to police - and five days later they went round late at night to grill the boy.

Charlie's father Clive, 50, said his son was left 'traumatised' after officers arrived at their house in Great Horkesley, Essex, so late at night.

My comment: My God, why is our Police force so stupid? Bullying people into signing agreements appears to be a Police favourite. Probably because they would be laughed out of court if they attempted to take it any further.

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