Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bonfire of the quangos turns into a damp squib

What became of that bonfire of the quangos?

What concerns the Mail even more is that these figures relate to only 2,522 workers who have been earmarked for redundancy — of whom almost half have yet to be told of their fate.

This leaves the overwhelming majority of the country’s 700,000 quangocrats still holding on to their jobs — or non-jobs, in countless cases — more than a year after the Coalition vowed to consign them to the flames.

If the Government is serious about slashing the deficit, ministers must take another long, hard look at the quangos — and start burning.

My comment: Enough already of these government vanity quangos that were set up to do nothing more than hide the majority of public sector wrongdoing from the public at the taxpayer's expense.

And start with the Local Government Ombudsman. The taxpayer shouldn't have to pay a quango to bury the majority of local authority wrongdoing just so local authorities look better than they actually are. 

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