Friday, 24 June 2011

Barnet audit reveals serious failings at billion pound council

Despite a budget larger than the GDP of the Maldives, Barnet Council has less than five full time auditors – and they spend most of their time highlighting serious concerns about the way council contracts are handled.

Barnet’s billion pound budget is larger than 23 of the world’s national economies and 220,000 [1 below] residents rely on its services, but a report revealed this week that it was commonplace across departments that long, expensive arrangements with companies are being entered into without formal contracts. Monitoring is often ineffective, or non-existent.

Despite the council spending £248million last year on goods and services from outside suppliers, the annual audit report revealed that 72 per cent of audits relating to this expenditure gave rise to concerns about how the contracts were secured and managed.

My comment: How have the members (councillors) and officers got away with it for so long? Why no government intervention?

[1] Taxpayer's Alliance quote  a population of 343,088.

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