Friday, 3 June 2011

Andrea Hill to remain on extended leave until at least June 24

Suffolk County Council’s dismissals appeals committee met this morning to discuss a complaint - believed to be from a member of the legal services team - against the controversial figure.

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said: “The dismissals appeals committee today received a preliminary report into whistle-blowing allegations made against Andrea Hill.

“The committee was able to resolve some of the allegations however it felt that a number required further investigation.

In addition as a result of FOI requests into expense claims by Andrea Hill the committee has asked the investigation team to review those claims."

The findings of the team will be reported to the committee at their next meeting on June 24.  “Andrea Hill will remain on extended leave by mutual consent until that date."

My comment: Here is my FOI contribution. Have Suffolk County Council learnt from the Shoesmith fiasco, in so much as they must go through a lengthy due process before sacking a member of staff or face a costly claim for unfair dismissal?

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UPDATE 3rd June 2011 11pm: Andrea Hill to be probed over her expenses.

It was also revealed that she had stayed in upmarket hotels in Suffolk at taxpayers' expense so she did not have to get up early to attend breakfast meetings.

She had two stays at Kesgrave Hall hotel near Ipswich and one in the four-star Brudenell Hotel on the seafront in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. Councillors later ruled that she should use her own money for any other hotel stays in Suffolk.

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