Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Abused at two care homes because of Watchdog failures

A suspected victim of the latest care home abuse scandal had previously been mistreated at a disgraced facility for people with learning difficulties in Cornwall, the Western Morning News has learned.

The vulnerable woman, who has not been named, was among the residents at Winterbourne View in Bristol, where secret filming by the BBC's Panorama showed patients being punched, slapped, pinned down and taunted by carers. She had previously been cared for at Budock Hospital in Falmouth, which was at the centre of its own abuse scandal dating back to 2004.

Reg Broad, chairman of East Cornwall Mencap, said the families concerned had been "devastated" by the footage, broadcast on May 28, and now wanted answers.

"The question is how this vulnerable woman, who was abused at Budock, has ended up in a similar institution," Mr Broad said last night. It simply should not have happened, given that we are supposed to have safeguarding procedures that are designed to stop this happening."

My comment: It will continue to happen whilst we have watchdogs and ombudsmen who are clearly not fit for purpose. Year on year the government spend more and more taxpayers money on watchdogs and ombudsmen whilst year on year wrongdoings by the bodies they are supposedly watching get worse and more frequent.  

Wake up government, connect the dots, our current watchdogs and ombudsmen are part of the problem not part of the solution. Probably because you recruit them from the bodies they are supposed to be watching and fail to give them any real teeth. Therefore, the only way a watchdog or ombudsman can appear effective, and keep their funding, is to overlook the majority of wrongdoings by their ex colleagues and pretend everything in the garden is rosy. Until the next scandal comes along of course.

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