Saturday, 14 May 2011

Walsall Council Smarter Workplaces Programme Manager

Smarter Workplaces Programme Manager Wanted

Job Description: Walsall Council’s Smarter Workplace programme will deliver significant savings and cultural change through the modernisation of the council’s workplace and the implementation of the new council operating model. The programme manager will provide visionary and inspirational change leadership. Reporting to the Executive Director for Regeneration (the Senior Responsible Officer for the Smarter Workplaces Programme) you will lead, champion and deliver the Smarter Workplace strategy and proactively monitor its overall progress and ensure successful delivery.


My comment: Hang on isn't that supposed to be part of the CEO's job? I hope they are reducing their CEO's salary by the same amount. Why do Walsall Council employ a CEO (remuneration 2010  £213,826) who needs help to manage change and monitor progess? 

Read the full story from the source Taxpayer's Alliance

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