Monday, 16 May 2011

Town halls blow £3m on washable nappy campaigns

Town halls have spent £3million in the past five years trying to persuade parents to use washable nappies.

The taxpayers’ money was poured into ‘real nappy’ campaigns even though the notion that re-usable nappies are better for the environment was discredited years ago. Councils have continued to sink funds into nappy campaigns despite overwhelming evidence that they are pointless.

Cash has gone on employing ‘real nappy’ officers, press and broadcast advertising campaigns, and subsidising vans to pick up dirty nappies and deliver freshly washed ones back to mothers.

Among the councils subsidising nappies, Southend in Essex, Pembrokeshire , Gloucestershire, Norfolk and Lancashire. One council, Stroud, ran a nappy campaign for 18 months up to April 2009, offering mothers £30 worth of washable nappies free of charge. Only one mother took up the offer.

My comment: I always thought that councils provided a crap service! Days after this hit the press my own council, Cheshire West and Chester Council, also decided to promote reusable nappies. 

Read the full story from the source Mail on Line

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