Thursday, 26 May 2011

Torbay Councillors take too much money

VOTERS in Torbay think councillors are taking too much out of the public purse, even with a self-imposed five per cent cut coming into effect this year.

That was the verdict when the Herald Express conducted a poll outside Torquay Town Hall this week.

It follows the announcement that new mayor Gordon Oliver has increased from five to seven the number of councillors with senior executive roles who can claim special allowances.

This year councillors will take home just over £7,900 in basic allowance (a five per cent reduction) with another £6,500 available to those chosen by mayor Oliver to be his executive lead members.

Ann Forsyth, of Chelston, Torquay, said: "I don't think they should have anything." She said her father was a councillor and former mayor of the Bay at a time when councillors did not receive an allowance.

My comment: Once on board the taxpayer funded first class Gravy Train all they want to do is get even more of their colleagues on board.

Read the full story from the source This is South Devon

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