Saturday, 14 May 2011

Suffolk County Council staff in sickness shocker

The sickness rate at Suffolk County Council last year was 9.96 days per person - meaning more than 65,800 days were lost due to ill health.

The figures relate to non-school employees - but when you take into consideration the number of sickness days taken by teachers, assistants, school admin staff and caretakers the figure rises to a shocking 139,507 days.

The figures, which were obtained through a Freedom of Information request, also put the council above the UK average of 6.5 days per person which was calculated by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

Despite facing a sickness bill of more than £5m, Suffolk County Council defended the figures. A spokeswoman said: “Suffolk County Council’s absence figures are in line with the local government average.

My comment: Same excuse MPs used for fiddling their expenses, other MPs are doing it so that makes it right, NOT.

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  1. It follows that if you're an employee of an organisation, floundering under a bullying Chief Executive, the intimidation and threats are passed down the heirarchy and ultimately to you, struggling at the coal face. It's nothing to do with 'swinging the lead' and everything to do with a culture of victimisation, the stifling of dissent and senior management's unwillingness to fulfil their obligations under the HSE's stress management guidelines. Andrea's approach seems to be, 'They're only guidelines, not statutory, so we shall ignore them'. Hence, the bullying goes on, thousands of stressed-out staff are forced off in their droves - and a behind the scenes cover-up is developed, and statements are issued to the effect, "Move on, nothing to see here".