Friday, 20 May 2011

Suffolk County Council chief spent £405,000 on 'gagging orders'

One of Britain’s highest paid council bosses spent £405,000 on “gagging orders” in just three months to silence staff complaints about the authority.

Andrea Hill, the chief executive of Suffolk County Council, agreed secret payouts for 13 employees which cost the authority £405,665.90.

Mrs Hill, 47, is currently on extended leave on full pay following complaints about her management style and the suspected suicide of a senior colleague.

Documents show the payouts were all made in her final 12 weeks at her desk.

The “gagging orders” were funded at a time when severe cuts were being imposed on council services.

My comment: Suffolk are not alone in their use of gagging orders to stop the truth getting out. Stoke on Trent City Council Senior Staff even asked councillors to sign gagging orders so the Chief Executive could stop them speaking out, how bizarre and undemocratic is that? Cheshire West and Chester Council also use gagging orders, which is not surprising when you realise that their CEO and other senior staff came from Stoke on Trent City Council. 

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  1. It's enough to make you gag.

    ( Dictionary : To Gag : To cause to choke, retch, or undergo a regurgitative spasm. )