Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Staffordshire Police to spend £480,000 on consultants for cost-cutting plans

POLICE chiefs are set to spend almost £500,000 drafting in external consultants to help the force make further budget cuts and safeguard jobs.

International professional services firm KPMG is to be called in to slash red tape and cut waste in back office services.

The bill for consultants' services will top £480,000 over 18 weeks – almost £4,000 a day, including weekends.

But police chiefs, who say the force has exhausted its own ability to find savings, hope the investment will see a sevenfold return of almost £3.5 million.

Staffordshire Police Authority chairman David Pearsall said: "The consultants have been used by 17 forces across the country already and in some cases have delivered quite striking results.

My comment: If the person in charge of an organisation can't identify where they can make savings they are clearly not fit for purpose. The reason management usually hire consultants is because it allows them to distance themselves from the changes thus minimising any personal blame. Think how many bobbies they could have kept on the streets to combat crime if they hadn't wasted it on consultants to do their managers jobs. 

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