Sunday, 15 May 2011

Southwark councillors giving themselves pay rises

As the country tightens its belts, some councils are taking the courageous decision to increase spending on certain essentials. The Labour councillors who run the London borough of Southwark have identified a deprived group in need of urgent help: themselves.

The council is amending its constitution to create 8 new executive posts to be filled by its own councillors, each of whom will receive an additional £2,800 a year. This comes while they take the axe to lollipop ladies, street cleaning services and libraries.

My comment: Who will put an end to this 'fill our boots first and then spend what's left on services' mentality that council senior officers and councillors have? Where is Pickles when we need him?

Read the full story from the source The Spectator Blog

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