Saturday, 14 May 2011

'Smarter, cleverer' police reduce crime in Staffordshire! Really?

RECORDED crime fell by seven per cent in Staffordshire over the last year.

Assistant Chief Constable Jane Sawyers has put the achievement down to a better use of resources. She told the Sentinel: "We are very pleased with the new figures.

"We have got smarter and cleverer at where we direct our resources and also have better people to rely on." (My comment: Like Crime Managers manipulating statistics?)

Staffordshire Police Authority is responsible for holding the force to account for its performance. Chairman David Pearsall said: "We're delighted to see that crime trends are continuing to head in a downward direction, despite the many challenges the force faces at the moment.

My comment: But who records the crimes in the first place? The same people who say crime is dropping. Where is the scrutiny if Staffordshire Police Authority just accept statistics given without any independent verification. Read this first and then see if you would accept Police statistics without independent verification and scrutiny? 

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