Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sharon Shoesmith could have been legally sacked by Haringey

Sharon Shoesmith could have been fired without anyone having to pay her a penny in compensation if Haringey Council had simply served her with a written notice terminating her contract.

It should have cited her incompetence after the catalogue of errors by her social workers leading to the horrifying death of tragic Baby P.

Had the council done this, while giving her the chance to defend herself, it could have thrown her out of the job in weeks and the taxpayer would not now face the prospect of paying her up to £1million.

Legal experts said a simple “contractual notice” terminating her employment and following the proper legal process on the part of Haringey would have given her no grounds for complaining.

My comment: Essentially Haringey Council failed Baby P then failed the taxpayer. 

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