Friday, 20 May 2011

Race equality chief voices ‘anti-gay’ views

THE board of trustees of a race equality organisation say they will investigate apparently homophobic comments made by the body’s chief officer.

A video shows Mr Tufail [Director of Cardiff and Vale Race Equality First] confronting one of the men distributing the leaflets. Flanked by other mosque members, Mr Tufail is seen to say – referring to Mr Watkins – “He is openly gay”.

When the leaflet distributor says: “It doesn’t matter – it’s about policy”, Mr Tufail responds: “You’re from the Muslim Public Affairs Committee. The man is openly gay and you say it doesn’t matter?” The Muslim activist says again: “That’s not the issue.”

Mr Tufail states: “What is the issue?” before turning to the cameraman and saying: “Switch that camera off or I’ll ram it down your throat”.

The body also receives substantial funding from the Equality and Human Rights Commission and Vale of Glamorgan Council, neither of which wished to comment on the contents of the video.

Last night Naz Malik, chief executive of Awema, the All Wales Ethnic Minority Association, said: “I have seen the video and in my view it is wholly unacceptable for the head of an equality organisation to make comments of that kind which are clearly homophobic.

My comment: How an earth did he get the job in the first place?

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