Sunday, 15 May 2011

Quangos' taxpayer funded fine dining

Fat-cat quango chiefs in charge of cutting wasteful public spending have been buying each other restaurant meals costing up to £600 a time – all paid for by the taxpayer.

The accounts also show that Mr Bundred paid £659.76 for two dinners in 2009 at Quirinale, an expensive Italian restaurant near the Commons.

The first meal was a supper enjoyed by Mr Bundred, Mr O’Higgins and their opposite numbers at the National Audit Office; at the second, Mr Bundred entertained Christine Gilbert, the head of schools inspectorate Ofsted.

Last night, Local Government Minister Grant Shapps said: ‘I suppose when quangos lunch quangos there will never be a dispute over who picks up the bill – the taxpayer. 

A spokesman said: ‘The Audit Commission, like many bodies across government and the public sector, brings stakeholders together to discuss their respective plans and issues . . . these meetings had a clear business purpose, and were appropriate at the time.

My comment: If the meetings had a serious purpose they should have been held in an office. This is just an excuse to eat expensive meals at the taxpayer's expense. QUANGO = All the perks with no accountability. Quango chief is an ideal job for Andrea Hill if Suffolk County Council give her the boot. They have been looking for someone with her credentials to become a Local Government Ombudsman and head the Commission for Local Government Administration in England. Six months since Tony Redmond retired and still no replacement.

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