Sunday, 15 May 2011

Police pay £1m for ‘customer research’ surveys

Police are paying marketing companies about £1 million a year to carry out ‘customer satisfaction’ surveys.

Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that forces are handing over the names of at least 30,000 members of the public every month to assess the response to inquiries such as 999 calls.

More than £700,000 was paid last year to two firms, Bostock Marketing Group (BMG) and Swift Research of Leeds.

My comment: Customer satisfaction surveys can easily be manipulated by filtering out any 'customers' who have already expressed dissatisfaction with your service or are likely to express dissatisfaction with your service. 

The Local Government Ombudsman has been doing this for years in order to bias the outcome of their customer satisfaction surveys in their favour. Up to 18% of  'customers'  filtered out  before anyone is allowed to be surveyed.

The problem is that the government allow public bodies to manage their own surveys. The same bodies that have the motive and the means to manipulate the outcome of any survey in their favour. 

Government and public bodies win because manipulated surveys and statistics make them look both better than they are. The only losers are their customers, who get a worse service than they expected, and the taxpayer who has to fund all these manipulated vanity surveys.  

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