Saturday, 28 May 2011

Police chief facing misconduct investigation gets £180,000 pay-off

A leading Scotland Yard official under investigation over ‘highly sensitive’ misconduct allegations made by a female colleague has retired early with a £180,000 pay-off.

Critics claim that Martin Tiplady, the Met’s director of human resources, has been given favourable treatment because of his status in the force. They say the payout is an ‘abuse’ of taxpayers’ money.

The Daily Mail revealed in October that Mr Tiplady was facing career-threatening allegations made by Raphaella Hamilton-Appiah, a member of staff more than 20 years his junior.

My comment: The usual way out for senior public servants who, as Mrs Shoesmith has just proven, are very difficult to sack for misconduct or incompetence, without the authority concerned taxpayer paying them off or incurring significant costs. 

As with everything else the public sector do, they can't even sack senior staff properly. As a result it is easy for people who have been sacked to find a loophole and claim unfair dismissal. This racks up significant court costs and eventually an even bigger pay out, hence the let's pay them off or promote them attitude. They don't want to be caught out making a 'Balls up' of sacking someone after all :)  

If anyone is aware of a senior public sector staff member who has been sacked for misconduct or incompetence in office without significant cost to the taxpayer please let me know and I will list them below.  Unless subject to a superinjunction  :)

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