Sunday, 29 May 2011

Paper exposes council leader's FoI 'meddling'

A council leader faces a misconduct investigation after his local newspaper revealed he was “meddling” in Freedom of Information requests.

Last week, the council decided there was a case for Khan to answer, after allegations made by the newspaper showed Khan “may have compromised the impartiality of council officers”.

The council also found that: “The allegations also raise the issue of whether the subject member had used or attempted to use his position as a member improperly to confer on or secure for himself or any other person an advantage or disadvantage.”

Grant said she is surprised none of the national press has picked up the story, particularly when you consider Khan also sits on the Standards for England Board – an organisation set up to champion “and promote high standards of conduct amongst our local politicians”.

A spokesperson for the organisation told the Examiner that Khan would be excluded from involvement in the board’s case-handling activities while the investigation was ongoing.

My comment: I doubt he is the only councillor who interferes with FOI requests.

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