Monday, 2 May 2011

North Lanarkshire Councillor ‘killjoy’ stops town funfair

A councillor has been branded a ‘killjoy’ after his objection led to a funfair being cancelled for the first time in 28 years. At a meeting of North Lanarkshire Council’s licensing committee, Coatbridge North representative Bill Shields was the sole objector to the event.

“The police spoke at the licensing committee meeting and confirmed there was no increase in any crime during last year’s funfair and they made no objections.

“Councillor Shields was the only person to object on the grounds that we leave a mess, damage the park and make too much noise.

“We pay a £1000 deposit which we would not get back if we left any mess or damage and last year we got that deposit back. That makes a nonsense of Bill Shields’ claims.”

A council spokesman confirmed the funfair, planned for between May 5 and May 16, would not go ahead, adding: “It is council policy in such matters to refuse this kind of application if any objections are received.”

My comment: One man able to stop a fun fair is not what I would call democracy in action. The council's policy to refuse an application if any objections are received is ridiculous and clearly open to abuse. At least they should have made him validate his objections!  

Read the full story from the source Evening Times 

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